In-house Team

Our in-house team of professional video editors, graphic designers and writers means that you don’t have to look elsewhere. We combine all our skills to produce the best video, graphic and writing content.

Affordable Digital Content

We work within your budget to give you the maximum value for your money. Our combined content packages means that you can benefit from videos, graphic designs and articles without losing one or the other. We are also flexible and can work within your budget.

Super Efficient

We recognise when something needs to be done, it just does. We work very fast to turnaround content so that you don’t miss out on key moments and opportunities to market your product and services. We never though, compromise on quality.


Although we are based in the Manchester region of the North West of England, we use the best tools to communicate creative content and can work with you wherever you are. You can count on us to do what is necessary in order to delivery your content.

Results Driven

Our aim is not just to create content, but effective content. If the content we produce you, does not perform, we go back to the drawing board and thoroughly discuss how to improve it for next time until it yields the desired and expected results.

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

From entrepreneurs to enterprise, start-ups to leading brands; all are embracing digital media content. With the digital landscape forever transforming, your marketing strategy should too. We stay on top of the latest trends and technology to ensure that we are producing effective digital and social media content. But why choose us over others?

In-House Creativity- We have an in-house team of professional video editors, designers and writers, combining creativity and talent so that you get nothing less than professional quality content.

Affordable Digital Marketing – We create affordable digital content packages so that you can benefit from all of the creative styles of marketing. We are flexible and willing to work within your budget.

We Work Fast – We are proud to advertise that we are super efficient. We work fast and aim to turnaround your always within the time’s agreed.

Nationwide – We are willing to work with you where-ever you are in the UK. We use the best tools to ensure that we have clear communication throughout your creative journey with us.

Results Driven – We focus on results. We review the analytical performance of content that we produce for you and work hard to make continuous improvements. We aim for perfection.

We are proud to work with

Our Process

  • 1. Free Consultation

    We will have a no commitment phone call or coffee to discuss your business needs, We can produce a free report with some recommendations to improve your digital marketing.

  • 2. Proposal

    We will present to you our ideas and packages based upon the consultation with clearly defined goals and action points.

  • 3. Onboarding

    We’re ready to work on your project. We just need to establish communication protocols and invite you to the the tools we will use in our digital marketing journey with you.

  • 4. Content Brainstorming

    We will research and share ideas for the topics and themes for your content and then establish scripts and briefs in line with your key marketing messages.

  • 5. Delivery

    We will deliver the content we produce for you and request any modifications. Once complete we will provide you everything you need to disseminate the content including the correct files and any other assets.

  • 6. Analytical Report

    We will monitor the performance of the digital content we produced for you and share recommendations for the future.

Case Studies

We will analyse your digital marketing performance for free



We are Creative Video Solutions

Let us take care of your digital marketing needs. Your one stop shop for a full range of digital marketing content including videos, graphic designs, articles, email designs and more!

Creative Video Solutions is a digital marketing and social media agency based in Rochdale, Manchester. Our aim is to help companies create a sustainable online presence by regularly producing unique digital content to share on their website and social media accounts.

In particular, we recognise the growing necessity of the role of videos in marketing. According to Forbes, by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. We can help your company take advantage of the growing importance of video marketing.

Our talented, in-house team of professional video editors, designers and writers are capable of producing a range of unique video styles, graphic design visuals and write SEO friendly content to promote your brand, product or service.


We can also produce professional corporate videos

Meet Our Founders

Kasim Javed

Kasim is the founder and digital marketing director of Creative Video Solutions. He is a qualified Marketer with a BA (Hons) in Marketing. He is also the founder of numerous successful companies including the popular online retail store for second-hand mobile phones –

Meet Our Founders

Masum Miah

Masum is the co-founder and creative content director of Creative Video Solutions. He is a qualified professional graphics designer with a BA (Hons) in Graphics Design. He is also a video editor with a range of unique skills. His combination of graphic designing and video editing means is able to produce powerfully creative digital content.

Less talking, more walking!