Audio Marketing Services We Provide

Call Menu Options

Direct your callers to the relevant department with multiple options ensuring that they are swiftly directed to the right person.

On Hold Music

We have a collection of royalty-free music that will be music to your customers ears.

Out of Hours

Ensure that your customers know when you are not available to avoid complaints and provide them alternative ways to contact you by emailing or referring to your website.

Welcome Messages

A warm welcome creates a positive impression to your customers. Setup a professional welcome message to make your customers feel at home.


Many startups and small businesses divert calls to their mobile. Setup a professional voicemail to project your professionalism no matter what your size.

On Hold Messages

Promote your product and services whilst on hold in an appealing way. Make the most of your customers attention!

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Welcome and Menu Options

  • Welcome and Menu Options
    Choose voice from samples, Delivered in MP3 and WAV Files, 1 Revision

Out Of Hours

  • Out Of Hours Message
    You provide script, Delivered in MP3 and WAV Files, 1 Revision

On-Hold Message

  • On Hold Music and Messaging
    You provide script, Delivered in MP3 and WAV Files, 1 Revision

Full Audio Pack

  • Everything
    You provide script, Delivered in three seperate MP3 and WAV Files, 1 Revision

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What is Audio Marketing?

On Hold Music | Audio Marketing
On Hold Music | Audio Marketing

Annual worldwide audio ad expenditure is expected to hit 31.7 billion dollars in 2020

There is a resurgence of audio content in the digital era and the figure above is rising. Although video marketing is in the forefront of the content marketing scene, audio content is being consumed more and more in new and innovative ways. Statista forecasts that audio ad spend could grow from 28.4 billion to 31.7 billion U.S. dollars between 2010 and 2020.

Audio marketing is an important, yet more often than not, overlooked part of the business marketing process. Customers want assurance and confidence that they are dealing with a professional company. They want to speak to the relevant department and have a seamless experience with their enquiry or query. We can help you take advantage of audio marketing in a cost-effective way.

We provide a range of audio marketing services for telephone systems. This includes producing call menu options, out of hours and on hold messages, music and voicemail. We work with professional male and female voiceovers with different accents to professionalise your telephone on hold line.

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