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Articles & Blogs

Blogging remains a powerful way to crawl visitors to your website as well as project your industry expertise. We combine images with writing to produce engaging content.

Article Distribution

You have just published some quality SEO content for your website. Why not submit it to your industry news agencies who may pick it up and even feature it? This would help generate backlinks which are a prominent part of SEO

Product Descriptions

It is commonly known that each of your product and service description pages should be well-written and contain keywords to generate the best chances of search engine optimisation.

Proofreading & Editing

If you need a fresh pair of eyes to glance over your content, we can help. We will carefully check that your content is written in professional English and contains the keywords necessary for your search engine optimisation.

Script Writing

We can write scripts for your audio and video marketing. We think hard for catchy titles,  and engaging scripts that instantly capture the viewer’s attention. We also suggest themes and topics for your video or audio marketing strategy.

Web Page Content

We can write content for your web pages in a SEO friendly way based on your targeted keywords to optimise your website in search engine rankings. The content will be unique and encapsulate your websites description in a powerful way.

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What is Content Article Marketing?

Blog Writing Manchester
Blog Writing Manchester

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” Brian Clark

You most likely already know many reasons why blogging is important for your business. It helps establish thought leadership, build trust, and increase credibility. It can help you build relationships and engage with your audience as well as help you stand out from the crowd.

But perhaps most importantly it is to boost your SEO results. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a series of activities that optimizes your content in order to improve your organic, or “free,” traffic. The better you optimize your blog posts for SEO, the higher your webpages will be listed on search engine result pages, so more people can find your website and get to know your business. In fact, companies that blog typically gain at least twice as much web traffic as those that don’t blog.

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